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By: rheostatreviews | Photo Credit: Screen cap
The New Chromatics Song “Blue Girl” is Gorgeous and Creepy AF

I know I’m creaming over this band all the time on here. Surprised the editors haven’t shut my shit down because the site is practically covered in my saliva as I drool all over everything Chromatics do.

Blue Girl, the second teased single from their delayed-but-upcoming record “Dear Tommy” is almost as good as it gets from the synth-soaked quartet.

It’s the obvious offspring of a song like Shadow, with that tempo and signature guitar/synth liquid that keeps it just crisp enough to drag your heart out of its cave and give it the dose of neon melancholia it needs.

Johnny Jewel is a genius dude, I mean it. Chromatics inhabit a space entirely their own, and it’s insulated by the fact that they’re surrounded by other Jewel projects. Click the “related” tab on Spotify and the next three suggestions are Jewel acts Glass Candy, Symmetry, and Desire.

Blue Girl is a gorgeous single. Period. And the video that comes with it is like drinking absinthe with your eyes. If Ruth Radalet told me to murder somebody for her I might do it. I am ensorcelled.

If this is bellwether for Dear Tommy, then means I’m dead come fall because that record will undo me.

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