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Parkway Drive | Chicago, IL | Riviera Theatre
Parkway Drive & Metalcore Prominents deliver Crushing Sets in Chicago, IL

On the sixth stop of their tour, at The Riviera in Chicago, Parkway Drive delivered epic chills. The Aussies were joined by fellow metalcore bands, August Burns Red, Devil Wears Prada and Polaris delivering a solid line up. Parkway Drive is promoting their new album, Reverence, which is a little different than their “take-no-prisoners” heavy-hitting albums such as: Horizons, Deep Blue and Atlas.

With Reverence’s more head-bang style, the band seems to be trying to do something different, and after their transition album Ire, this is the result. I would describe Reverence as a more heavy metal album than their normal metal core style. It’s not my favorite of their albums, but this doesn’t reflect their tour, since only five of the 15 songs they performed where from the new album.

August Burns Red did their thing playing some new and some old. “Empire” was a song that really stuck out to me live. They got the room really going and when you have hundreds of metal heads together it gets rowdy.

When Parkway Drive came on it was personal and amazing. From studio to live performance Parkway Drive sounds the same, which in my opinion is a testament to how talented to the band really is.

Front man Winston McCall really works the crowd well getting the pits going and encouraging everyone one to sing their lungs out. With favorites like “Carrion” and “Boneyards” I felt right at home head banging and wrecking people in the pit. Slowing it down midway through, if you can call it slowing down, “Wishing Wells”, “Idols” and “Anchors” gave the crowd time to catch their breath and recover. The show was rounded out by “Crushed” and “Bottom Feeder” as the encore.

Aside from the music, The Riviera is a very old theater in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. The venue is great with an early 1900s feel, but the only problem is the venue is hot. I’m talking bring in the napalm hot.

If you’re ready to sweat through your clothes and get rowdy in the pit, then Parkway Drive is a must see.