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Fu Manchu & Mos Generator | Detroit, MI | El Club
Mos Generator slays set on Mexicantown stop of Fu Manchu tour

Stoner Rock veterans Fu Manchu supported by underrated titans of the heavy rock genre, Mos Generator put on a sick Thursday night bash in Detroit Michigan. In genres with so many killer bands, it can be hard to stand out. Mos Generator did just that on May 17th. Pure riff worship was on display at the temple known as El Club. The venue is a hidden gem of the Detroit area with its awesome outdoor area with a backyard bbq feel and quality acoustics inside. Excellent staff and apparently herb-tolerant atmosphere makes this the perfect place for underground acts.

The crowd was a relatively mellow one despite the seriously heavy fuzztastic sound that both bands brought. This being my first time seeing both bands, I was a clean slate for first impressions. Tony Reed of Mos Generator has vocals that immediately reminds the listener of the prince of darkness in is heyday. A quality that many aspire too, but few achieve, especially in live performances. Reed’s guitarwork was outdone only by his comrade on the bass, Sean Booth, who absolutely brought down the house. A robotic stage presence was completely made up for by Booth’s flawless playing and spectacular tone that was much more prominent live than on the recordings I have listened to. The MVP of the entire night was definitely Sean Booth, killer set my man.

Fu Manchu brought the crowd to life on several occasions inspiring several audience members to lose their fucking minds in sporadic mosh pits. The light-hearted vibe of Fu Manchu was a nice change of pace causing a few brooding head-bobbers to crack smiles. Overall, great bands, great venue. If you have a chance to see a show at El Club, take it.